Welcome to monsters.org

Welcome to monsters.org. My name is Stephen Johnson, your host.

In the ancient mists of time (Internet time that is) this site was setup to host the now defunked NetCity project.

But now monsters.org my home on the 'Net. I've got a few tidbits of code and hard to find software here. I also have my enhancements and updates, to various software packages that I use, here also.

Recently (no so recent now, 1997), I took over development of a Host/Network Monitoring package called Spong. Spong was hosted here for a while, but it has a new home at SourceForge. Only my demo/development site for Spong is still hosted monsters.org.

Hot Links

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Spong - Project Page at SourceForge

This is my first stab at a Home Page. It is not very exciting right now. But it will be growing in the days and weeks to come.

Stephen L Johnson

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at sjohnson@monsters.org
Last updated on 07/25/2003.